EthoWork's approach to learning is based on proven cognitive neuroscience. We believe in capturing the learner's attention, generating their interest, developing a positive emotional response, and spacing a person's learning experiences to further deepen learning outcomes.

Based on client needs, our unique approach to social responsibility training is designed to be delivered throughout the supply chain - from the C-suite to the factory floor.

We use the latest in elearning technology to engage your employees and key stakeholders to want to learn more about sustainability and social-ethical concerns. EthoWork's eLearning programs are fully responsive, and can be delivered on mobile, desktop, and tablet devices.

Contact us for a list of our courses and/or to view a demo course at susan@ethowork.com



Don't have the time to train your employees on your policies and procedures at your factory? We can help!

EthoWork has developed a proprietary, interactive, digital employee manual to help you onboard new employees as well as maintain yearly training requirements for all workers. We can customize your specific employee training manual needs with those of your brands and the Fair Labor Association (FLA). Moreover, you'll be able to ensure worker comprehension and completion of these guidelines in a living, interactive document - as well as with in-person, follow-up focus groups to deepen worker comprehension.

Our interactive employee manual program is currently offered in both English and Spanish, with Mandarin planned for the near future.


Using the latest in eLearning technology, Ethowork offers fully responsive, interactive, asynchronous eLearning courses that can be completed on a mobile device or laptop. Our 'microlearning' online courses are to-the-point and can usually be completed within a coffee break.

Each course includes video, interactive microlearning lessons, scenarios, and knowledge checks, and can be offered in English, Spanish or other languages upon request. Our systems are SCORM/xAPI compliant to integrate into your company's LMS or LRS, if needed, and can be tracked for learner completion.

We have a variety of courses to choose from for your entire supply chain needs. We can provide an eLearning course for your needs, from audit preparation to workers' rights, environmental impacts, remediation, and updates on new laws and regulations.

We also offer eLearning courses in general leadership skills and anti-discrimination and Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion (DEI).


Cohort-model eLearning experiences are an excellent way to drive community learning. In the cohort-based model, specific teams or organizational units within a company can pace through a course together.

We enable live discussion forums, team meetings, and group feedback in this delivery model - all facilitated by a 'live' course moderator. We can also customize these courses to include specific projects to be completed and reviewed by your management upon course completion.


Virtual instructor-led training, or VILT, simulates a live classroom via virtual meeting technology such as Zoom or Google Meet. Our professional, experienced trainers will facilitate an interactive virtual workshop on the topic of your choosing - or, choose from a variety of workshop topics for your supply chain needs.

We also offer VILT workshops in general leadership soft skills, as well as Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion (DEI) topics.


Ethowork offers on or off-site sustainability workshops on a variety of topics, including the use of The Balanced Scorecard, best practices for implementation of worker life improvement programs, circularity, and product lifecycle analysis.

We are also able to create bespoke interactive workshops for your company's specific programmatic needs and time constraints.


Studies have shown that spacing learning experiences enables better long-term retention of material. Ethowork's Hybrid Training (eLearning + in-person workshops or VILT) modality is an excellent way to reinforce your learning needs. We offer an exclusive three-pronged approach that enables concepts to be delivered multiple times in various forms for enhanced comprehension and deeper retention.

We can customize this delivery approach for the topic of your choice to ensure that your company and supply chain's stakeholders learn as deeply as possible.


Ethowork has partnered with several virtual reality (VR) learning labs to offer this cutting-edge type of learning.

VR can be used for either soft skills training in which you'd like your employees to 'role play' how to behave in a given scenario, or hard skills training, such as learning to operate new factory machinery. For either purpose, VR is a highly engaging and novel approach to learning.

Please note that only customized courses are offered in this modality, and they are approximately 45-60 minutes long.