Our approach to sustainability factory auditing is holistic and empowering in nature. We believe that the monitoring, auditing, and remediation cycle is not just a way to verify compliance but also a powerful tool to facilitate active listening. Supply chain communication involves two-way listening that’s 'bottom-up' and 'top-down.' We've found this dual approach is the most effective in creating real change.

EthoWork strives to enable the correct deployment of your code of conduct by strengthening communication at all levels. Our unique approach will allow you to make a long-term mindset shift and instill self-governance across your supply chain.

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Our trusted global auditing partners have years of experience working with large, global retailers and brands' code of conduct and CSR programs.

EthoWork's allied auditing partners are experts in conducting fair and thorough labor, environmental, and employee health and safety audits. Moreover, our auditing partners are familiar with the local laws and culture and how they may relate to a brand's code of conduct.

Our on-the-ground auditors are active members of The Association of Professional Social Compliance Auditors (APSCA), SCAN, and CTPAT. EthoWork thoroughly vets them to uphold the highest ethical standards.


We'll help you to prepare your factory for the big day!

EthoWork will help you be fully prepared for your next major brand audit. We'll look at your compliance levels for labor, employee health and safety, and environmental concerns through the lenses of local and regional regulations, your brand's code of conduct benchmarks, and the prestigious Fair Labor Association's (FLA) global labor standards.

Our expert allied partners can also help you prepare for various social-labor factory certifications by verifying your factory’s processes and procedures. We’ll help you to bridge the gaps toward earning your factory certification.


We’ve combined our allied LATAM partner’s expertise in assessing companies’ labor climates. With our understanding of workers' needs and perceptions, we'll design and develop comprehensive worker surveys that find the ‘real voice’ of your factories’ workers.

Through our research efforts, we'll help you assess your workers' needs and implement practical, low-cost, motivational programs at your factory site to improve your workers' lives with what they specifically need.


Our Corrective Action Plan (CAP) services help you remediate your CAPs faster and more effectively. We’ll analyze the specific brand standards you need to achieve and guide you through the entire remediation process. From interpreting the auditor’s comments to researching local legal requirements, EthoWork will provide you with advice for the best sustainable solutions to ensure the proper execution of each violation. We are professionals in the industry with multiple years of experience on the production floor. We understand your challenges and the workers’ perspective when violations occur.

Through internal audits, policies/procedures building, and practical training for all levels of workers, your remediation will yield brand approval and a long-term mindset change at the factory level.