Our goal is to become a facilitator of positive change for your company’s approach to sustainability by developing high impact, sustainable performance engagements across your global supply chain.

We have a targeted approach that starts with factory leaders supporting your due diligence practices. From there, we build the overall strategy by implementing programmatic change to support your team's capacity growth

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Developing the ideal Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) structure that empowers and motivates your vendors toward self-governance can be daunting. EthoWork’s unique approach will help you build your supply chain’s capabilities, leadership, and processes so that all vendors in your supply chain will want to contribute “For Good.”

With an effective strategy, clear rules, helpful guidelines, and support from 'dirt to shirt', EthoWork will align your opportunities and needs to the highest social-ethical and environmental standards available by helping to develop and enhance your Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) Strategy.

We'll help you develop your workplace code of conduct, compliance benchmarks, responsible sourcing guidelines, Standardized Operational Procedures (SOPs), auditing tools, and vendor guidelines manuals.

EthoWork will carefully craft your sustainability structures to align entirely with Fair Labor Association (FLA) and International Labour Organization (ILO) principles.


From strategy to implementation, our expert team offers a comprehensive analysis that starts with a deep understanding of your business priorities and current sustainability status. Through this, we facilitate a new vision that better defines the sustainability intention for your company through the lens of the circular economy. We'll help you define how your company can contribute to circularity through its three principles of regenerating natural systems, designing-out waste and pollution, and keeping materials and products in use longer.

EthoWork will collaborate and educate your teams and business units to deploy key circularity and product lifecycle targets, set objectives and KPIs, and use the Balanced Scorecard as a tool for strategic planning.

We'll help you to move your company closer to full circularity.


We believe that the implementation of worker's life improvement programs can shift an organization’s mindset from the existing 'audit-violation-correction' compliance cycle to a more proactive, holistic approach to business. Moreover, worker life improvement programs can not only improve your workers' quality of life, but also your supply chain’s overall performance and profitability. Transparency, loyalty, product quality, reduced conflicts, and lower absenteeism are just a few examples of the outcomes of a successful worker's life improvement program.

EthoWork has extensive experience implementing workers' social programs in Mexico, Central America, and Asia for top apparel brands. We can help your company craft and implement a customized worker life improvement program that focuses on the specific needs of your workers and their communities. We'll partner with NGOs, regional universities, local government officials, and other key stakeholders to ensure the life improvement of your workers goes beyond the factory’s walls.


Outsourcing the monitoring process for your supply chain can bring immediate benefits to your organization. Our trusted experts will manage your supply chain's due diligence and performance to allow you to focus on your core business. EthoWork provides you with an independent viewpoint to your factory audit results, which eliminates the possibility of conflict of interest between your auditing house and the factory during remediation.

EthoWork's supply chain due diligence outsourcing services are comprehensive. We'll help you to source and schedule reliable and ethical in-country social and environmental audits, compare results to benchmarks, recommend factory designation status, and remediate until agreed-upon actions in the Corrective Action Plan (CAP) are finalized. We'll also coach and mentor your factory leadership based on root cause analysis (RCA), and provide capacity-building solutions and open help desk services throughout the entire remediation process.